Asset Management


Our Global Wealth Management model is centred on that of an External Asset Manager. Capstone Capital Alliance Private has agreements in place with various globally acclaimed custodian banks. Our business model gives us the independence to advise on multiple custodian banks in comparison to being constrained by a single set of in-house solutions.

Capstone Capital endeavours to provide the highest standard of personalized relationship management. Our asset managers and relationship managers take the time to listen to clients and understand their requirements in detail on an individual basis so as to ascertain the right choice and mix of investment banking options. We take great pride in working side by side with our clients to understand their financial dreams and turn them into a reality.

Our Global Wealth Management model increduslimludes but is not limited to legacy planning, advisory services targeted towards individuals and corporations with investment portfolios and real estate/ business assets, managing the client’s private banking relationships with multiple custodian banks, negotiating cost effective fees across all private banking relationships, coordinating with the investment and corporate banking teams to facilitate the client’s business needs and producing consolidated investment statements thus providing clients with a holistic view of all of their private banking relationships.


Capstone Capital’s core strategy revolves around a bespoke tailoring approach. Our teams conduct extensive research and analysis in order to identify customer segments with a particular need and then develop products and services to cater to that particular niche. We carefully craft each bespoke investment product to meet the risk/ reward appetite of every client on an individual basis. Our product development team together with the Asset and Relationship Managers ensures that the client’s each and every need is met by engaging in proactive dialogue with our clients.


Capstone Capital’s culture emphasizes teamwork and a collaborative approach. As a meritocracy, Capstone Capital recognizes and rewards talent and innovation, rather than position and tenure, while encouraging training and development among its staff. Our team applies an intellectual rigor to its strategy and day-to-day management, questioning each decision on the basis of its value to clients.


  • Winning together – We operate seamlessly across geographies and functions as one wealth management group. We look for opportunities to help others accomplish goals in investment banking, asset management, etc. and actively contribute to the firm’s successes. We have a low tolerance for bureaucracy and politics, and invite open discussion.
  • Client focus– Our clients’ interests always come first. We are committed to flawless execution and going the extra mile for clients. We deliver on promises but never promise what we can’t deliver. We stress innovation, creativity, quality, and dedication and are always solutions-driven.
  • The best people– We strive to hire, develop, and retain the best professionals in the business. We recognize, foster, and reward merit, while encouraging training and development to maintain and enhance our professional expertise. We are committed to valuing and leveraging diversity in our people. Our commitment to diversity has been embedded through group’s wide support of employee networks. The networks work in partnership with the group to foster an inclusive environment and raise diversity awareness within Global Private Group. Senior managers across the group are committed to ensuring that diversity is integral to our business strategy through their membership of global and regional diversity committees and their support of strategic diversity action plans.
  • Trusted– We expect the highest ethical standards to be maintained and seek compliance with the law and regulations. We acknowledge mistakes and encourage constructive disagreement. In everything we do, we focus on the processes and controls to protect the Capstone Capital brand.
  • Pioneering– Our pioneering spirit delivers superior solutions for our clients. There is widespread awareness and pride in our firsts, evidence that we are already delivering an inventive spirit. It strikes a chord with each of us individually, making us feel that we have lots of ideas to contribute. It also suggests an energetic, ideas-centric, creative organization – something each of us would feel proud to be part of.


Reaching The Stars For Our Clients


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